More Pages Worth Exploring

Now and then we stumble across a page made by or about a true maker, someone who has a passion for creating in their own unique way. Such pages are impossible to search for, being singularly designed or themed, but they are often full of great insight and inspiration.

David Friedman has profiled people who create everything from easy-to-thread sewing needles to portable cellos. His video portraits are especially informative.

Vehicles, simple shelters, and gadgetry. There is a hands-free phone device, a birdhouse that looks like a vintage travel trailer, and a woodburning stove made from a rural mailbox. And lots and lots of wheels.

Rob Cockerham makes costumes, prank devices and more. This is but one page of his extensive website, the output of someone who is clearly always questioning and exploring.

Tim was one of the speakers at the Exploratorium Meet the Makers talk in April of this year. His own website is almost a maze of creations, movies, cartoons and interactive art.