About Young Makers

The Young Makers Program is a collaboration between MAKE Magazine, The Exploratorium, and Pixar. The purpose of the program is to inspire and develop the next generation of makers, creators, and innovators.

We’re creating a community, both online and physical, that brings together like-minded teens, adult mentors, and fabrication facilities to make things. Kids bring ideas. Mentors help define and realize a project vision and collectively create a collaborative culture of innovation & experimentation. We hope to create an infrastructure to nurture older kids and teens who want to expand beyond the construction kits of early childhood.

The Young Makers Program is different in several ways from other activities such as robotics competitions and science fairs. In particular, there are no winners and losers, and the projects are cross-disciplinary and youth-driven. And, just like Maker Faire, anything that’s cool is fair game.

To learn more, please visit the Young Makers home page.